fine musicians

Christian is honored to work with these fine musicians and friends:

Wolfgang Muthspiel 
(my dear brother, phenomenal guitarist, great composer and label owner)
Steve Swallow 
(mister electric bass, a living legend, a great friend, a marvellous musician)
Franck Tortiller 
(vibraphonist, wine expert, composer and my french partner in crime & wine)
Matthieu Michel 
(trumpet- and flugelhorn player with the warmest sound ever heard)
Gerald Preinfalk 
(all saxes, all clarinets unlimited in Classic, New Music and Jazz: wow!)
Jerome Harris 
(elegant & groovy electric bass, virtuoso guitar, touching voice, lovely smile, big heart)
Bobby Previte 
(bandleader, composer, drummer, percussionist, gourmet, world traveller, high energy)
Fabian Rucker
(young lion-big sound-multi reeds player, composer and very active bandleader)
Robert Riegler
(fantastic e-bass virtuoso, author of bass books, teacher and STEIRER, owigreifn?)